Trevor´s opener

2021.12.06 11:12 Affectionate-Pea-844 Trevor´s opener

Hello everybody,
I will be attending Trevor´s show in Belgium on may 22nd. Could anyone tell me who his opener will be?
Much thanks in advance.
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2021.12.06 11:12 ConfusingUser Appropriate age range

For context, I'm 45M, that is just finalizing the divorce of a 25 year marriage and trying to figure out how to date as an adult. Obviously, I never had to do that since I got married at 19.
How do you determine the appropriate age range to look for matches? My 22-year-old son suggested the old standby of age/2 + 8 which would put me at 30 on the low end, but that makes me concerned that I am going to come across as a creep.
For the record, I do say in my profile that I am very much not looking for one night stands or FWB.
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2021.12.06 11:12 nicolitheman [XB1] H: TSE25 Fixer W: AA25 pepper shaker with a decent third

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2021.12.06 11:12 Don_312 Perdón por la mala calidad de las imágenes, no logré encontrar de mejor calidad *Música Sad*

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2021.12.06 11:12 mbak- Hi all, My miner is fully synced says the diagnostics but on the app and website it still says syncing. It is picking up signals but i dont know why it is still saying syncing. Any one an idea what I need to do? Thanks!

Hi all, My miner is fully synced says the diagnostics but on the app and website it still says syncing. It is picking up signals but i dont know why it is still saying syncing. Any one an idea what I need to do? Thanks! submitted by mbak- to HeliumNetwork [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 11:12 SirSubstantial335 Unknown painting. Can someone help?

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2021.12.06 11:12 illintent99 I get it, they're great and you want to farm them, just don't be greasy about it.

Flicking through the new post section I see one that grabs my attention. First comment is something generic that doesn't exactly fit as a response to the post, let alone the OP's question. It was a typical joke about a dip that many would relate to on here. It had something like 40 upvotes already.
Whatever, moving on.
Couple days go by and I made some poor quality post. Lo and behold one of the first comments is this same comment from the other day. I scroll through their post history and it's a copy/paste massacre. 2 or 3 different comments spammed rapid fire across new and popular posts.
They seem sincere enough at first glance, just a joke or light-hearted comment. This one didn't even have their vault open. You can claim them up to 6 months after they are earned I believe so it could just be set it up and collected anytime before then.
I thought about putting this person on blast but what's the point? It's probably one of several accounts and it's not like they will suddenly change their ways. I did call him out on one of his comments for what it was worth.
TL;DR: If you want to be a farmer than fine, there's plenty, but have just ONE field and till the shit-crop with good ol' fashion minimum effort. Then reap your shit-post harvest.
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Okay so I have 3000 hero coins on KuCoin . Firstly I can just transfer it easily by clicking withdrawal hero and pasting my MetaMask address in the correct spot it says . Correct ? And also can you buy HERO directly from MetaMask. If so , how?
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2021.12.06 11:12 imakenomoneyLOL Just embrace that the world is a Ponzi Scheme

And you will all be much better off
If you all are really so against how the world currently functions
Gather forces and demand corporations and government pay you for your data
It's the only way you all will be free from the shackles of this capitalist society which I believe is 1000% necessary for the safety and longevity and wellbeing of society and humanity
There is no other way
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2021.12.06 11:12 Some-Reward6918 Caught husband watching other women..

Long post...
F (26) caught M(29) watching porn,OF and dating site. (Newly weds) This started when he needed more help with money more than usual. Even when we both split our bills in half. Didnt think anything of it until I remember my mom went through the same issue and found out her husband had other women and was sending them money. I had a bad feeling in my stomach and decided to look at his phone.
Found his history filled with only fans and a dating app he clicked on on instagram. Since you are able to see this on "links you click " in their setting. (Not sure if the dating app was just an add he click on) either way I was devastated...felt betrayed as a newly weds and didnt know what to say. I kept my cool and act like nothing happened. I felt disgusted and stopped being intimate for a while.
When laying in bed I confronted him on what I saw, and I can hear he was embarrassed, mouth dry, heart beating fast. He admitted to watching porn for hours a day because he felt lonely...and to fill that lonely void he used porn to satisfy him. He works from home, and I recently got a new IT job full time and have class right after work full time as well. So I was home really late during the week sometimes. I was lucky that some days out the week I can work from home if I wanted to.
What is also strange is that I kept track of the days he visited those sites, were days I worked from home or was home sick. Which means behind my back he would be looking at that stuff...
It's been about a month this this happened and haven't looked at his phone since then. But every now and then it hurts me to think this happened and I try not to think if he is still doing this or not.
Just need advise on what I can do.. or just blow it off. Is this normal in marriage? .. anything helps ...thanks
Also, sorry if I misspelled anything
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2021.12.06 11:12 tendencyofbattle I also hope it works!

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2021.12.06 11:12 Dhairya_555 How should I send him🥸

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2021.12.06 11:12 punksnotdeadtupacis Meme making that can be cross posted

If you make a meme that has a wider audience than just meme or here, post it to the audience. For example, I just did a Daft BONK one that’s getting a few upvotes on daftpunk. Same goes for movie posters or music albums. The good thing about that is you’re exposing those outside of the community to the brand. Eventually you build the #wtfisdogebonk mentality and people will FOMO in.
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2021.12.06 11:12 jayH4103 [PS4] H: junk, flux, caps, W: scrip junk 1* 2* 3*

Looking for scrip, will trade junk, flux, caps, just post how many your willing to drop and a price for items thanks in advance.
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2021.12.06 11:12 firelf93 Trying to plot some DGN’s I was sent and I can’t get them to be monochrome. It still holds the color from what ever it was.

I have tried changing all the dgn lines into the correct layers but it still isn’t working.
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2021.12.06 11:12 JosephBCK68 I hate shaving everyday, need advice

Hello people, so I'm a teenager that goes to high-school and because of my strong genetics I have thick hair (I admire that but not in my use for now) so I try to maintain a clean shave or you may call it "the baby face look" for school because obviously having short thick hair on your face in high school is embarrassing. Even though I shave every morning I get stubbles in no time and it looks so messy. Idk about you but I'm not up to shavong twice a day and yes I have looked on the Internet for better shaving tips (cold water, wet shaving, razor types etc) it did help a little but still have these damn stubbles. And I'm not up to waxing because it hurts and I am on accutane. So what I'm asking here is if there is a cream or spray that's slows and thins the stubbles that you can recommend so I don't have to shave as often. If you do have recommendations I hope they're cheap because I'm on a budget. Thank you so much
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2021.12.06 11:12 oRAGINGWOLFo MW2 FAL VS MW 2019 FAL Reload Sounds

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2021.12.06 11:12 JetStreak202 What changes/ideas help to get from Plat 3 to Diamond 1?

For quite some time I have been a platinum player, staying at or around Platinum 3 for the last few acts. I am confident that I can reach Diamond by the end of this act, but at this point in time it feels so difficult and stressful. I've never reached Diamond before, but it would be a huge achievement for me, so I'm really just asking for advice from people that have reached that checkpoint.
I already know one factor is that for the most part I play with friends on an alt because it generally is more fun for me to queue with them than soloQ. I am still plat on those alts, but they are typically gold lobbies. I'm kind of kicking myself in the rear because I'm getting used to gold gameplay instead of how diamonds perform.
I like to play duelist but in my comp games on my main I tend to fill because duelists are either autolocked or I worry I won't be able to perform as well so I let them pick what they are comfortable with, and I fill because I still know how to play at least an agent or two from each role.
I try for the most part to not be overaggressive and play in different positions each round, but it feels like I lose most gunfights to a quick headshot. These diamonds are literally built different and unless I'm playing at 110% percent, I'm getting dumpstered on, lmao.
It could be either a mental thing or just mechanical skill that I'm lacking. Probably both, but its hard to narrow down what I'm struggling with completely even with video reviewing.
I have narrowed down my sensitivity though to a T, so that's a plus.
I appreciate any advice. I have noticed that though I may be towards the bottom of the board more often than not. This area of ranked is not too toxic, at least not as much as gold. That I am happy for. I've witnessed so many simple mistakes in gold with my buds, and I've complained about our teammates to them, but is it really that hard to not yell at randoms? And they wonder why no one responds after round three when the whole team has muted them.
Apologies for making this post so long winded.
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2021.12.06 11:12 Kjellono Forensik Buch

meine Freundin und ich haben neulich türkisch für Anfänger geguckt. Dort liest einer der Charaktere ein Forensik Buch von Prof Dr Dr Carsten Diekmann sofern ich das richtig entziffere.
Sie hat bald Geburtstag und fand das Buch interessanter als den Film. Finde es leider nicht. Kann jemand helfen?

Vielen Dank
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2021.12.06 11:12 Hacu_ Anderer Text oben

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2021.12.06 11:12 --TreeTreeTree-- Leaked image of what could be the final boss!

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2021.12.06 11:12 StrikeElectrical9400 What are some healthy indian foods which are easy to make

They should have decent amount of fibre and easily made, ideally less carbs

if i could get a response it would be greatly appreciated
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2021.12.06 11:12 JustAHornyGuy0 Give me a dm if you can trib my sisters

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2021.12.06 11:12 ingloriousmax My Top 10 AEW Figures of the Year - Video in Comments

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2021.12.06 11:12 Whole_Fail3274 How can I remove this hair colour? I’m bleaching my roots w blue bleach & 9% developer and I’m thinking of using 6% on the ends to remove my current colour. I want to go green, and I think putting it over will give me a muddy colour.

How can I remove this hair colour? I’m bleaching my roots w blue bleach & 9% developer and I’m thinking of using 6% on the ends to remove my current colour. I want to go green, and I think putting it over will give me a muddy colour. submitted by Whole_Fail3274 to HairDye [link] [comments]