Monica Bellucci

2021.12.06 10:45 prepossessingwomen Monica Bellucci

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2021.12.06 10:45 MacbookOnFire Beware: Severe wind advisory in Buffalo, NY tonight. 30 MPH sustained winds, 45 MPH gusts

Something to keep in mind when betting on the Bills Patriots game. I’m liking the unders
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2021.12.06 10:45 Fun_Appointment_7177 BAD SWABBIE>:(

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2021.12.06 10:45 Browncow07 got banned for phishing when i got a proof its mine (receipt)

wtf is this company about? seriously i tried to change my email to another secure email when i was banned for 31 days for phishing. i got a proof that its mine i got a receipt from 2014 of september for the gems i bought so i can have another builder i remember this. but before any of this i already was playing my account just a few hours ago before i got banned. the email is the same email i have for reddit for for gaming like steam i use another email a more secure one is this it for me? or i can get help here?
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2021.12.06 10:45 Nimbaiala Exchange gifts daily

1655 7393 7354 add me :3
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2021.12.06 10:45 Elpico994 If you HAD to turn ANY creepypasta real, what/who would it be?

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2021.12.06 10:45 zacryder1 Guess my ethnicity

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2021.12.06 10:45 bot_neen Sin Filtro con Genaro Lozano: Programa del 5 de diciembre del 2021

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2021.12.06 10:45 SafeMoonJeff What interesting 0,0X > 1$ crypto to get from this crash ?

I was thinking about SIA Coin, I bought some back in April and look promising, ANKR with his Web3.0, Zilliqa has a lot of moves , Divi Wallet signed 3 y partnership with football LaLiga , Vechain is down or simply get more ONE ? What about Bloktopia ??
I already got some CRO from this crash ☺️
I wanted to get more Algo but price just won't go down 🙄
What about you guys ? Am i missing some interesting project out there ?
What are you looking for besides famous projects ?
What project has interesting/promising news to know ?
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2021.12.06 10:45 kiwi_the_great111 ITAP of my brother [MLM]

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2021.12.06 10:45 BrotherBlackSheep Wallahi I can't be the only one

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2021.12.06 10:45 Gelo710 Ye and Drake concert

I have 2 extra tickets to Ye and Drake concert December 9th at the LA coliseum. Section 115, Row 6 , seat 3+4
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2021.12.06 10:45 dreamaboutdeath Stunning

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2021.12.06 10:45 Norman-Scott51 Shoot Your Shot Llittle Basketman!

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2021.12.06 10:45 emzwilla if you can choose, what’s your least favorite song from your favorite dylan album? and why?

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2021.12.06 10:45 IskoLat Latvian people: *realize that bourgeois "democracy" is a total sham and boycott the elections*. Meanwhile, BalticStates elitists: "Just vote for a better fascist next time, stoopid!"

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2021.12.06 10:45 lnfinity Grey Oyster Mushrooms

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2021.12.06 10:45 Present-Childhood958 Opinion on pure nectar (the nyc brand not the fake bm shit in other states)

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2021.12.06 10:45 BaarBE Shendrones Squirt V2 prebuilt XT30 adaptor to XT60?

So I bought a Shendrones Squirt V2 prebuilt with an AIKON AK32PIN 35A 2-6S 4-IN-1 ESC V2 and AIKON F7 HD MINI 20X20 V2 FC but the connector is a male XT30, and they shipped me Dogcom 1350 maH 14.8V 4S 150C 19.98 WH batteries with a female XT60 connector.
Can I just buy an adaptor (female XT30 to male XT60) to connect the batteries to my FPV quad or will the batteries blow up my ESC & FC? I can also send back the drone and let them put another connector on it but I would rather not. What do you guys suggest?
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2021.12.06 10:45 Red-X73 What should I animate now I need ideas

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2021.12.06 10:45 TBoneTheOriginal 96 of these bad boys for only $4.50! I just ordered 960 of them to donate to my wife's school, so get them while they're hot.

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2021.12.06 10:45 guccibananabricks Visiting New Zealand's Biggest Antivax Protest

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2021.12.06 10:45 20-5-5 Kill/dmg leader boards do emea (and in general)?

Did anyone compile this? Maybe I'm going crazy but I thought I saw a list after match day 4, but now I can't find it.
Hoping ghost or someone else posts at least top10 on Twitter.
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2021.12.06 10:45 JamesFromHR_ Good siege players, how did you get good?

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2021.12.06 10:45 shosh_34 I think that taylor swift is overrated 🦦.

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